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Safer Routes to School is an initiative run by Sustrans, which encourages children to walk and cycle to school through a range of practical and educational measures.

Sheriff Technologies Safer Routes to School products focus on the critical periods of the day for child road safety - the begininng and end of the school day. Many of the products utilise the Series 5 Timer, which automates the use of warning signals to drivers to the required times. This creates a credible message at the critical periods without disrupting traffic at other times.

Our school signals and part-time 20mph zone signs aim to enhance driver awareness and reduce vehicle speeds to improve road safety and dramatically reduce accident rates.

Products & Services

  • School Patrol Signal
    School patrol warning signal to TSRGD diagram 4004, to protect children during the critical periods for road safety at the start and end of the school day. Extruded aluminium provides a robust vandal...
  • 20mph when lights flash
    Proven to reduce average vehicle speeds by 9 mph and child accident rates by 60% Establish 20mph traffic calming at critical periods for child safety around the beginning and end of the school day...
  • Microtima Series 5 Timers
    Sheriff Technologies Ltd is now the sole supplier for Microtima road safety electronics. The Series 5 Timer is the leading programmable controller for road traffic applications. It is programmed by...
  • Microtima Series 4 & Microtima Series 5
    Sheriff Technologies Ltd offer an economical programming and maintenance service for Microtima Series 4 & Microtima Series 5 school patrol signals. We can repair and program school signals where...
  • Android Tablet
    New Android Tablet complete with pre-installed Series 5 2013 programming app. Android 4.2 KitKat 7 inch screen MTK-6572A A9 dual-core 1.3GHz processor Wi-Fi & Bluetooth communication Supplied...


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