Low Profile LED School Signal

School Patrol Signal

School patrol warning signal to TSRGD diagram 4004, to protect children during the critical periods for road safety at the start and end of the school day.

  • Extruded aluminium provides a robust vandal resistant shell
  • Punched apertures backed with anti-glare polycarbonate
  • Easy install weight of less than 5kg. Supplied with channel section on the reverse and clips available seperately

Quick, safe and cost effective programming:

  • Operation is automatically controlled by the reliable Microtima Bluetooth enabled Series 5 Timer
  • No time consuming and awkward ladder work
  • Easy schedule upload removes health and safety risks

Maximum light output:

  • Dense configuration of high performance LED's
  • Life expectancy in excess of 100,000 hours
  • Solar powered version available
  • Approved to BS873 part II.
  • EN61000-6-3 emissions, EN61000-6-1 immunity, EN61000-4-3 radiated, EN61000-4-6 immunity

Series 5 2013 programming app for Android devices is available through the Google Play Store here:

Product variants

  • Low Profile LED School Patrol Signal
    Low Profile LED School Patrol Signal (Mains input)

    Our most popular school patrol signal, featuring LED light pods and an integrated Bluetooth Series 5 Timer. For mains input.

    Product Code:
  • Sign plate mounted school signal
    Sign plate mounted school patrol signal

    LED school signal mounted to a school safety zone sign plate. The sign plate features a 600mm TSRGD 545 symbol with a supplementary "School Safety Zone" message. The sign plate can include any symbols or text, giving an area of 1.05m squared or less. The school patrol signal unit can also be mounted horizontally.

    Product Code:
  • School Patrol Signal (12v input)
    Low Profile LED School Patrol Signal (12v input)

    School patrol signal, featuring LED light pods and an integrated Bluetooth Series 5 Timer. For 12v DC input used with solar panel sets.

    Product Code:
  • European Specification School Signal
    European Specification School Signal

    School signal with 200mm diameter lights designed to meet the European specification.

    Product Code:
  • Sign plate mounted European specification school patrol signal

    School Patrol Signal with 200mm lens diameter to the European specification. Mounted to the Irish school crossing waning sign plate as shown.

    Product Code:
  • Low Profile LED School Patrol Signal
    Manual Switch School Patrol Signal

    LED School Patrol Signal for manual operation. An extendable magnetic wand is used to switch the lights on and off.

    Product Code:
  • Solar Powered School Patrol Signal
    Solar Powered School Patrol Signal

    LED, Bluetooth programmable school signal. Plus 30W solar panel, battery, charger and bracket set.

    Please see or solar products for more details.

    Product Code:


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