School Signal Programming Service

School Signal Programming

Sheriff Technologies Ltd offer an economical programming and maintenance service for Microtima Series 4 & Microtima Series 5 school patrol signals.

We can repair and program school signals where councils no longer have the staff skills, time or budget to maintain them. The number of different types of school signals used on street can often cause problems for councils looking to maintain their road safety equipment. Our engineers have extensive experience of Microtima electronics and can therefore maintain and program every type of Microtima school signal and timer:

  • Microtima Series 4 year plus (yellow box)
  • Microtima Series 5 9-pin (black box)
  • Microtima Series 5 USB (grey box)
  • Microtima Series 5 Bluetooth timers
  • Dorman TwinFlash school signals
  • Microtima low profile school signals
  • Microtima 20mph when lights flash signs

All Microtima software and documentation is available for free download and

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