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Sheriff Technologies Series 5 Android App Goes Live

Sheriff Technologies Android App

Sheriff Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of our Android Application, Series 5 2013, for programming STL-LBP school patrol signals - also with backwards compatibility for old Microtima Series 5 Timers.

Series 5 2013 is available below.

Please note that this app works with up to Android version 5.0 Lollipop.

UMSUG codes for Sheriff Technologies School Signals & Timers

UMSUG Sheriff Technologies

New UMSUG charge codes for Sheriff Technologies road safety equipment have been released by Elexon.

These details can be accessed as PDF here, or the complete UMSUG spreadsheet downloaded via the elexon website here.

20mph When Lights Flash Signs in Cumbria

20mph flashing lights sign

Creating 20mph zones around school zones using a temporary "When Lights Flash" sign is a clever method of reducing vehicle speeds around schools without affecting traffic at other times of the day.

Research indicates that 20mph zones reduce vehicle speeds by 9mph on average and reduce accident rates by up to 60%.

Using Microtima Software with Windows 7

school patrol signal

School Patrol Signal Programming with Windows 7.

Microtima software version 2.4.0 for school patrol signal programming was designed for Windows XP. The software works in the same way in Windows 7. However, depending on the user preferences set-up (screen resolution etc), there is a display issue whereby the mask area (where switch tables are applied to days of the week) is blacked out.

Stationary Vehicles Advance Warning Signs

Traffic Warning Lights

A risk assessment carried out by local authorities in the West of Ireland recently highlighted the dangers caused by stationary vehicles parked outside rural funeral homes. Donegal County Council requested Seamus Shovlin & Sons Funeral Home to install an advance warning system to highlight the hazard to motorists approximately 500 meters either side of the entrance to their premises.

School Patrol Signals in Ireland

School Patrol Signals Ireland

The Civic Group, who distribute and install Sheriff Technologies road safety equipment in Ireland, have been undertaking a refurbishment contract for school patrol warning lights.

Our school patrol warning signal to TSRGD diagram 4004, protects children during the critical periods for road safety at the start and end of the school day:

Vehicle Activated Signs at the Port of Tyne

Vehicle Activated Signs at the Port of Tyne

The Port of Tyne stretches over 600 acres on both sides of the river Tyne, with over 60 businesses and 450 people based on the site. In 2012, the port is expected to handle over 3 million tonnes of bulk cargo, 30,000 cars and 35 cruise liners.

Handling such volumes dictates that road safety on the port’s internal road network is an important consideration. Sheriff Technologies installed solar powered vehicle activated signs to provide a speed limit reminder to drivers and improve road safety at two key positions.

School patrol signals in Yorkshire

School Road Safety Yorkshire

Having acquired the sole rights to sell Microtima road safety products, Sheriff Technologies Ltd has supplied North Yorkshire Council with 20 Bluetooth enabled Series 5 Timers along with 4 Low Profile School Patrol Signals.

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