Scunthorpe & Grimsby Hospital Parking System

Hospitals, VMS

Visitors and staff are now directed around Scunthorpe & Grimsby Hospitals to available parking spaces by Sheriff Technologies variable message signs (VMS).

The VMS integrate with existing car park data infrastructure ensuring data acquisition costs are negligible. The signs are located at critical decision points around the hospital sites, ensuring drivers are presented with up to the minute car park status to inform their parking decisions.

Great Western Hospital Variable Message Sign

Great Western Hospital

Sheriff Technologies have provided cost-clever SPACES / FULL / CLOSED variable message signs (VMS) around Great Wetsern Hospital in Swindon.

By using a unique embedded-PC solution, the sign was integrated with the hospital's existing parking control hardware and communications infrastucture. The VMS provides simple, up-do-date parking information, allowing visitors and staff to find an available space quickly.

Variable Message Sign for Manchester Royal Infirmary

A simple variable message sign for the main entrance parking decision point at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

This VMS is based on a roundabout sign face, featuring the real-time space availability in the Hospital's main car park.

Shopping Centre & Hospital Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs

A busy summer period for Sheriff Technologies has seen the completion of a number of shopping centre and hospital car park variable message signs projects:

Cost-clever VMS

Car park Spaces sign

Using a Sheriff Technologies SPACES / FULL sign is a cost-clever way of gaining the benifits of variable message signs in a car park using existing barrier or count equipment.

The VMS are voltage driven by 24v, meaning integration with almost all car park barriers is easy. The VMS then automatically switch between SPACES and FULL messages depening on car park status - advertising the availability of spaces to attract more visitors when spaces are available and prevent needless queuing and improve visitor experience when a car park is full.

Variable Message Signs at Leeds St James Hospital

Leeds St James Hospital

Sheriff Technologies have provided updated variable message signs (VMS) around St. James Hospital in Leeds.

The hospital, more famously known as "Jimmy's", now benefits from six VMS to provide real-time car park space availability information and allow quick and efficient parking for patients, visitors and staff.

Clifton Suspension Bridge Barrier Information VMS

Clifton Suspecion Bridge Traffic

Clifton Suspension Bridge will shortly install a new barrier system, featuring a number of Sheriff Technologies lane management products.

Also supplied were custom variable message signs to inform drivers of the status of their crossing card. Driven by 24v directly from the barrier, the VMS integrate simply and seamlessly with the main contractor's equipment.

Wembley Stadium Events Parking System

Wembley London 2012

As part of their preparations for the London 2012 Olympics, Brent Council are undertaking a refurbishment of the Wembley Stadium events parking variable message sign system.

Variable Message Signs at Bournemouth Hospital

Bournemouth Hospital Parking

The latest in our long line of hospital parking signage contracts is this VMS at Bournemouth Hospital.

The variable message sign is used at the hospital entrance to quickly inform patients, visitors and staff of the most efficient parking choice.

Multi Storey Car Park Variable Message Signs

Multi Storey Car Park Signs

Deciding on which level to start the search for a free parking space can be infuriating for drivers. Reducing the search time with clear and accurate signage is a simple way for reducing this frustration and improving the experience of visitors to busy shopping centres, airports, arenas and other multi storey car parks.


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