Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs

Variable message signs for car park applications.

Parking guidance and information signs are used to advertise the availability of spaces in car parks to attract more visitors when spaces are available and prevent needless queuing and improve visitor experience when car parks are full.

Lane management signs control the flow of vehicles into or out of car parks to allow for optimum usage of space depending on demand.

A well designed variable message sign system, with information provided at or before the critical decision points for drivers, is proven to:

  • Influence car park choice to increase revenues
  • Reduce space search time
  • Reduce congestion on the local road network
  • Improve public perception of a car park and the associated destination
  • Parking Guidance Signs
    Parking Guidance Systems (or Parking Guidance and Information - PGI systems) present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. The systems combine traffic monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies. Time spent...
  • Lane Management Signs
    Effectively manage the flow of traffic into and out of a site in accordance with demand. Lane management signs in a number of configurations to suit any lane control scenario. Voltage driven requiring a 24V power source.
  • SPACES/FULL sign
    Advertise space availability in a car park and prevent needless queuing when the car park is full. The SPACES message...
  • Arrow Cross Sign
    Arrow / Cross variable message lane management sign. The sign is voltage driven and requires a 24V power source....
  • Selfridges Car Park Signs
    Advertise space availability in a car park and prevent needless queuing when the car park is full. Available in 4 or 6...


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